Brother Mynor - Ceramics


Brother Mynor is a dude from Melbourne, Austrailia that makes very adventurous and playful beats. He has a sound very reminiscent of Shigeto or a more layered Gold Panda. I first learned about Brother Mynor from his post on /r/futurebeats a month or so ago and, normally, I don’t check out self-posts from up-and-coming producers, but he said in the post that he spent 11 months and over 1000 man hours creating this project from scratch (with samples, of course), and you’ve got to admire that.

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What I Do.

Hey. Name’s Drew.
I’m 16, a teen from New Haven, CT.
I started this blog mainly because I had an old tumblr blog from when I was a tween. Pro tip: don’t start a blog when you are a tween.
Anywho, I deleted it and am starting a new blog from a…somewhat better point of view: that of a teen!
So yeah, if you guys want me to review any albums or talk about music or really anything, shoot me a message.
I ain’t got no followers yet, but still. SUGGEST SHIT. PLEASE